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Web Initial was set up to provide websites for businesses to move forward with their marketing strategies and utilise the many advantages of the web. In recent years the web design and SEO Search Engine Optimisation have become two separate parts of the same problem.

Web Initial aims to be different, providing advice on all areas of your web marketing strategy. We don't just upload your website and leave it at that. The one thing that most newcomers to the world of the web don't realise is that uploading the website is only the very first step on a long road. Even if you are thinking about starting a business in a year or twos time , our advice would be to get your website out there and let the Search Engines find it and develop the content to maximise your Search Engine results.

SEO Search Engine Optimisation Companies purport to guarantee top ten listings in various Search Engines or your money back. Fact is if you read the small print they only guarantee a top ten listing in a small percentage of these Search Engines and invariably they produce the goods, but at the end of the day who uses winnipegsearch.com or calino.co.uk for their search engines - Nobody - The SEO has then fulfilled its commitment to you and you maybe  thousands of pounds out of pocket.

Each Search Engine uses different techniques to rank websites. Very often it would seem a thankless task to balance the required design effects that you want your customers to see and the requirements of the automated Search Engine robots that rank your site to enable your customers to see it in the first place.

Two things have a major impact on the performance of your site.

1. Good Quality Content

2. Good Quality Links

Nothing beats good quality content - the more relevant information on your site the more helpful it is to your customers, pages should be relatively small, so they load quickly, uncluttered and the website as a whole should be easy to navigate.

Good Quality Links - Web Initial provide links to the sites we develop, this enables the Major Search Engines, Google , MSN and Yahoo to find the newly created site, speeding up the process of good Search Engine Ranking Results. 


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