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Why have a website?

Why not. Nowadays it is an extremely efficient way to convey your message. The Yellow Pages has become a thing of the past with only a tiny minority of the UK population not having access to the web. The more forward thinking business is now taking it a step further and implementing paperless systems where faxes will become a thing of the past with attachments sent in their stead. People are becoming increasingly frustrated by the cold calling  marketing approach, often alienating them from ever doing business with companies that use that approach. When people want or need a new service or product they simply type what they want in their Internet browser and select who they want to use from the Search Engine Results. Got to be in it to win it so they say. If your competitor has a website you may not be his competitor much longer!!

How do search Engines find my website?

Quite simply put, once your site has been designed and uploaded to your web space no one will find it until it has been indexed by the relevant Search Engines. It is equivalent to putting a letter in the post box without an address, the letter would basically sit at the Royal Mail Depot, it would just sit there until someone came along and opened it to see where it was meant to go. Well Search Engines do the job of the Royal Mail in this analogy. Each Search Engine has automated robotic programs that crawl through the web updating the content as they go. Various software is available out there to automatically tell the Search engines your address so they can index it at a later date. However a lot of the major Search Engines do not like the automated approach as it is possible to over submit data to try to influence their search results and in some instances web sites can be banned because of it. Web Initial doesn't use this technique. Our website is indexed by all the major Search Engines on a virtually daily basis and as a result we quite simply put links from our site to the newly created sites and let the Search Engines do the rest allowing a seamless path for the Search Engines to follow.

What is SEO?

SEO is an acronym for Search Engine Optimisation. A whole industry has grown around this term with companies guaranteeing outstanding results for your hard earned cash. Each Search Engine uses different techniques to rank how relevant your site is for different keywords and phrases. Our advice would be not to use them unless they state in writing that they guarantee top ten listings with Google, MSN and Yahoo. When they cold call for your business ask them one question. Where do you rank on Google, MSN and Yahoo for the Search term Search Engine Optimisation. If they aren't number one on each of these Search Engines then the question is, are they really any good? After all its what you would be paying them for.

Web Design.

Good web design is a balance between making your site look appealing to your customers and to the search engines. It should be clear, crisp,and easy to navigate. Too many flashy graphics and animation only distract the user from what you are trying to convey. However every user and every Search Engine is different, what appeals to you and what looks good to you may not to the next person. Keeping it simple with a few pictures to break up the text and soft pastel colours to create some colour is more appealing to a wider audience rather than a bold green background with a multitude of different bold colours for text.


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